If You Still Drink This, Stop!

Everyone knows that soda water is not the healthiest product. But the majority of us can’t even imagine which danger this seemingly harmless drink for children actually brings. For many, soda is the number one choice during the summer heat, in the case of some holiday and simply for everyday drinking. But do you know how much harm you cause for your organism when you drink such beverages?

1. Soda and osteoporosis

In the compounds of many sodas are included caffeine and orthophosphoric acid that is, according to the list of researches, prevents calcium consumption. Another research showed that the regular drinking of sweet sparkling water causes the significant reduction of density of bone tissue of pelvis joints. It is noticeable that women are more sensitive to the loss of the bone mass.

One more research showed that the regular consumption of 330ml of caffeine a day (that is approximately equal to four cups of coffee) leads to the loss of the bone mass. It is considered that caffeine prevents the calcium absorption and leads to the loss of calcium through urine.

In other words, soda is literally washing calcium away from your bones. That is why is it strictly prohibited form people who suffer from osteoporosis, Crohn’s disease and those who are older than 50.

2. Harm for liver

If you think that cirrhosis is something that happens only to alcoholics — you are wrong. The excessive consumption of soda can also cause this dangerous disease.

3. Excessive weight

Alcohol-free soda beverages occupy the leading place in the list of products that cause obesity. In a half-litre bottle of soda are contained 9 spoons of sugar that is actually much more dangerous than the common “home” sugar, because under the impact of carbon dioxide it is immediately absorbed into the blood stream. And if you think that the diet soda is the way out, you are greatly mistaken. The “diet” sweet beverages bring even much more harm to your organism. Despite the fact that they really don’t contain sugar, they are filled with artificial sweeting agents that can cause the wide variety of hormonal disorders and lead to obesity.

4. Teeth decay

Sweet soda drinks damage dental enamel. Apart from the high content of sugar, these beverages are also very high-acidy.

5. Kidney diseases

As it was said before, the orthophosphoric acid takes away calcium from the bones, and it is partially removed with urine, but some amount of it remains in kidneys. That is why soda consumption is the sure way to get kidney stones. Source: healthyfoodhouse.com