They lived together for 7 years. But a fairytale turns into awful reality.

There is nothing worse and scarier than domestic violence. Very often for many women a fairytale turns into awful reality, and the price of this transformation is often their health and sometimes even life. The main character of this story was saved not only by her own bravery but also courage of her 5 children. Who knows what could have happened if not them!

This is Rachel Moore from Brisbane, Australia. In April 2014 she became the victim of her husband’s violence. He was the father of her 2 of 5 children. It should be noted that if not her children, Rachel would probably died. When all this happened, they were from 2 to 14 years old.

Being the unmarried mother with three kids, Rachel met a man named Daryl and fell in love with him. They lived together for 7 years and gave birth to 2 more children. Life changed greatly 3 years ago when Daryl applied physical violence to her. Rachel has already got into such situation before, but the offender was her first husband. Then she swore that she would never allow this happen again in her life, and made her second husband leave.

For the next two years she was raising children by herself trying to keep relations with her ex as friendly as possible. This lasted until the night when Daryl broke into their house. They heard the squeak of tires hear the house, and Rachel understood that it was Daryl and he was drunk. The man broke into the house, he looked completely insane. The scared mother ran into the nursery, but the man followed her with the gun in hands…

Then Daryl grabbed his ex-wife and threw her to the wall. She shot her hand twice. Rachel lost consciousness.

And then, when he reloaded the gun, children Intervened.

The 12-years-old Cameron got to his step-father, grabbed the gun and ran outdoors to hide it. The furious man tried to attack the woman again, but the 14-years-old Cameron and Jayden attacked him and started to choke until he lost consciousness. Two boys managed to fight back the man who weighted twice more than they did!

It was a real luck that boys attended the classes of fight dance, and martial arts were the part of their classes. They received the skills that helped to save their mother just two weeks before the accident!

So, that’s how children saved life of their mother. Now Rachel is fine, both physically and morally. She wants to tell her story to as many people as possible to warn others about the danger of domestic violence. Source