These can lead to dangerous complications

Millions of people have diabetes, but many of them even don’t know about it. But the good news is that if you determine this condition in time, it is possible to compensate it and avoid further problems.

Here are the ways how high blood sugar affects your body. Please, don’t ignore these signs!

1. You drink a lot and have to urinate too much. The body tries to get rid of the excess sugar, so you have to drink a lot and as a result a pee a lot.

2. You are always tired. Your body doesn’t get enough energy, so you feel exhausted.

3. Your vision is getting worse. Diabetes can cause blurry vision and harm your eye health.

4. You feel pain in your limbs. People with diabetes experience numbness and tingling in hands and feet.

5. Your feet can get infected. Your sensitivity in the feet can be lost, so any wound or injury may transform into a really big problem.

6. High blood sugar damages your kidneys. Kidneys work as filters, clearing your blood. In the case of the excess sugar, kidneys have to work too much.

7. Your risk of developing a heart attack or stroke is greater.

8. High blood sugar levels can lead to bladder problems. High blood sugar makes your body vulnerable to urinary tract infections. In some cases, diabetes may damage the nerves and leads to overactive bladder.

9. Your skin gets dry and itchy. High blood sugar affects your skin and may result in skin issues including fungal infections. Source