All parents know how difficult to teach our kids using the potty...

We’re going to share with you a simple technique you can put to the test, and in three days your baby will be running to the potty.

Day 1

You should place several potties all over the house, including the bathroom. The baby can’t be wearing their diaper. Every time the little one needs to pee, pick him up and carry them to the potty. When they do their pee in the right place, celebrate the achievement. Also, we recommend you give them a lot of water to drink so they need to go more often. Make the most of it and take them to the bathroom with you each time you have to go, so they adapt to the place.

Day 2

Continue taking the baby to the potty, not putting diapers on them. This time you’ll go out for one hour with your little one for a walk, but don’t put a diaper on them. Be sure to take them to the bathroom before you leave.

Day 3

Add another hour to the walk: One hour during the morning and another hour during the afternoon. The rest remains the same.

This method requires a lot of patience, but the results have been very positive. Source