20 years ago people of the world were shocked of the Princess Diana’s tragic death.

The White Garden Memorial Was Visited By Princess Diana’s Sons On The Eve Of The 20th Anniversary Of Her Passing!

20 years ago people of the world were shocked to learn the devastating news of the Princess Diana’s tragic death. 

On the eve of the anniversary, Diana’s sons, William and Harry visited The White Garden at Kensington Palace. Princes were accompanied by William’s wife, Kate Middleton.

The White Garden was created to honor the Prince’s Of Wales memory. The designers were inspired Diana’s impeccable taste, her style, and bright nature. It contains Diana’s favorite plants like white roses, white lilies, and white gladioli.

Getty Images/Global Images

The White Garden became the fourth memorial devoted to the worldwide beloved Princess since she passed away. There are also Hyde Park’s Memorial Fountain, the Diana’s Memorial Walk at St. James’s Park and the Diana’s Memorial Playground at Kensington Palace.