Your Answer Says A Lot About Your Intelligence.

I.Q. or Intelligence Quotient, is a figure created at the end of the 19th century by French psychologist, Alfred Binet. His aim was to determine the limits of human intelligence and categorize the bulk of a population according to fixed parameters.

According to Binet’s scale, most of the population has an IQ of between 85 and 114. If yours is less than that, you may be a little slow. If yours is above that you’re definitely a smart person. If you score above 130, you’re a genius.

Well, this test you’re about to do will measure your intelligence. Think carefully about through which tap the water will flow fastest!


You may not be the smartest person in the world, but you’re capable of developing your intelligence beyond society’s limits. You generally find creative solutions, but you limit yourself and don’t share them with others to prevent embarrassment. Do this and you’ll see increasingly complex ideas begin to flourish.


You’re not especially intelligent, but you know how to manage the intelligence of others. You understand the environment around you like a table with possibilities and you’re willing to bypass any obstacle by making use of the abilities of others as if they were your own.


You’re definitely an original thinker. It’s likely that others don’t hold you in high esteem because they can’t follow your ideas. Nevertheless, if you work on communicating your goals and strategies with others, you’ll see how quickly your intelligence and effectiveness will increase.


You’re knocking on the door of genius. You just need to turn to the right people and material. You waste your talent on trivialities, but it’s a matter of concentrating and putting your brain to work on worthwhile topics for your intelligence to reach its potential. Source