Choose the happiest couple and find out what it means.

Your perception of love depends on a number of factors: your upbringing, experience, general level of development, and even your social status. The way you see happiness can reveal what love means to you. Are you ready to find out your way of loving?

Couple №1

You see love as a two-way street: The happiness of a lover depends on the happiness of the loved one. And vice versa. Your relationship is characterized by kindness, comfort, and joint fun. You are an independent and self-sufficient person. But love and the relationship with your partner are still an important factor in your life. Love is a piece of a puzzle in the kaleidoscope of your days.

Couple №2

You believe in eternal love, and you are absolutely likely to meet yours. You are always ready to do everything to make your partner happy. You will never give up if something goes wrong. Relationship is a long way for you — full of happiness, love, mutual efforts, and strong emotions. You are strong when you are loved and brave when you love.

Couple №3

Purity and beauty are what can characterize your relationship. When you are loved, you can grow and develop hand in hand with your beloved. You are ready to share the difficulties of life with your partner. At the same time, you can give freedom to him/her if needed. There is no greater happiness for you than knowing that you are loved. You want to be loved for what you really are. Source