Just 3 steps!

For some people a mode: out of sight, out of mind truly works. You just cover your dirty mattress with clean sheets and that’s it, the problem is solved, everything seems to be clean and fresh. However, many people are not satisfied with this attitude. They want everything in their home to be really clean, but not seem to be.

Here’s how to remove stains of urine, blood, and wine from the mattress in just 3 steps!

To prepare the stain remover you will need:

  • 235 ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • 3 Tbsp. Baking Soda
  • a drop of liquid soap or dish detergent

What to do:

Make the mixture immediately before the cleaning process: so it will be as effective as possible. It is better not to make it for the future use. Mix soda and peroxide in a bottle with a spray. When the soda dissolves, drip into the mixture soap or detergent. Shake the bottle, spray the mixture on a dirty place. Leave the active foam to act for 5–10 minutes. Even better, if you turn on the fan and direct the flow of air to the spot, everything will dry out more quickly. Remove remaining soda from the mattress with a vacuum cleaner.

Regular cleaning of the mattress is a pledge of freshness in the house. Every time you change the sheets, do not forget to vacuum it!