This exercise is called the chair squat. Do this exercise at least 2–3 times a week!

It can be difficult to keep your muscles in good tone as you age because of a process called sacropenia – loss of muscle mass. In your early forties you begin to lose muscle, which is a normal part of aging process. But there are measures you can take to prevent or at least slow down the loss of muscle and stay in good shape.

Strength-training exercises will help you greatly, and there is one particular exercise for your legs – it is called the chair squat.

The chair squat targets the glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps effectively and efficiently.

This exercise is perfect for your lower body, because many muscle groups are involved at once.

Do this exercise at least 2–3 times a week! Start with 2 sets of 20 and then gradually reach 3 sets of 20. It’s also recommended to take off your shoes before doing this exercise.

So here’s how you do:

Start by sitting on the edge of a chair with your feet hip-width apart keeping your knees over your ankles. You have to engage your abdominals;

Outstretch your arms in front of you, keeping your triceps tight;

Stand up, tighten your glutes, and push your arms behind you;

Go back to the starting position, keeping your weight in your heels;

Sit back on the edge of the chair, repeat the whole move.  Source: Prevention